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 Baked Fresh Daily 





Here Comes Jeb Bush for President!  

Apple Pay - No Way! Say CVS and Rite Aid 


Baby Shower Brawl!!!          


George P. Bush Expected to Win Post

Wall Street Cowardice this Week

24 European Banks Fail Stress Test

Tight Senate Races Running Campaign Funds Dry      



MUSE SEE VIDEO: Man Loses it in Airport Attack

Obama Executive Order on Manufacturing  

ANOTHER REASON TO INDULGE: Chocolate Improves Memory  

Is Hillary a Democrat?    

2nd Death from Seattle Shooting as Girl Succumbs to Injuries   

Pro-Western Party Leading in Ukraine Election   

Clown Terror Spreads in France  

Are Politicians Cheating on the Web?

Volcanic Lava Closing in on Hawaiians    

The Sun is Like a Loaded Gun w/ Barrel Pointed Directly at Earth Now 

Republican Ladies Rising in Iowa  

California Highway Patrol Confiscates Your Phone & Passed Around Your Nude Photos  Boko Haram Girls Tell Their Horrific Stories Man Choked Woman for Not Looking Like Her Online Profile
VIDEO: Democrat Calls Female Opponent a "Whore"
Boy Brings Drugs to School    UK's Cameron Tells EU He Won't Pay Surprise Bill   Toddler Crashes Car 
Rand Paul's Foreign Policy

GMOs Found in Packaged Food Labeled "Natural"      

Search for Murderers of S. African Footballer     

Woman Accused of Raping Man

Jerry Brown Losing White Vote

911 Pocket Dial Puts 2 Burglars in Prison   

Death Penalty Sought for S. Korean Ferry Captain    

Virtual Reality to Revolutionize Porn
The Palin Family Brawl Revisited

Could Mama June Lose her Kids?   

Canada Officials Face Parliament Questions About Attack 

 VIDEO: Bear Cub Browses Around Pharmacy

Alaskan Senator Says Gov't Assistance Causes Suicides

Accused Child Rapist on the Loose & Dangerous    

Netanyahu Expedites Settlements   Drinking in Golden Years is Helpful
850 NYC Voters Found of Age 164Manslaughter Hazing Trial Begins for Band Members  Pistorius to Appeal   VIDEO: Paralyzed Man Restored w/ Cell Surgery 

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Frustrated by the biased reporting of political leaning publishers from both parties represented at the likes of CNN, Fox and DrudgeReport, we determined to do selective, edited news aggregation in a better unbiased manner for Americans and the citizens of the globe to enjoy.

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