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 Baked Fresh Daily 





GOP Controls Congress    

Marijuana is Now Legal in These States  


Vampire Deer (or Shapeshifter) Spotted          


Can GOP & Obama Get Along?

Mom Throws Autistic Son off Bridge

Saudis Dealing w/Attacks on Shiites

LIVE: President's Press Conference       



VIDEO: 3 Fireballs Over US Skies, 1 was Fake  

Dems at Pre-Depression Lows in State Legislatures  

MOVIE REVIEW: Interstellar   

Rare Cloud Event or Rapture?   

National GOP Agenda Emboldened     

90-yr Old & Clergyman Face Jail Time for Feeding Homeless in Florida    

Mortar Strike on Damascus School Kills 13 Kids    

The Sunspot that Could End Life on Earth   

What Midterm Results Mean for Stocks 

Website Photos Show Slain Woman's Body   

The Dumbest Drug Smuggler in History

Cruz vs. McConnell for Soul of GOP  

Former Ravens Cheerleader Accused of Rape of Minor   Christian Couple Brutally Murdered by Mob in Pakistan on a Lie  Hitler Sightings in Berlin
All Eyes on Clinton Now  
A-Rod Admits to Steroid Use     Kim Jung-Un Back on His Feet    1st Porn Film Made by Drones  
GOP Takes Big Gubernatorial Races as Well  

Adrian Peterson's Lawyer Says He was Lumped in w/ Ray Rice       

US Released al-Qaeda Man to Kuwait      

Lena Dunham Molestation Claim  

Sessions: Mandate to Block Executive Amnesty  

Taylor Swift's Album Best Debut of Any Since 2002 

Norway Expects Terror Attack Soon     

Uber CEO Goes on Warpath  
Rand Paul: Hillary Rejected 

BeyoncĂ© Tops Highest Paid List    

Delhi Father Kills Daughter's Rapists  

Baby Shower Brawl!!!

Jeb Bush for President?

The Now Famous How McRib is Made Video     

US & France Concerned About Iran Nuclear Issue MUSE SEE VIDEO: Man Loses it in Airport Attack
Is Hillary a Democrat?Cumberbatch Engaged   Oil Price Collapse on Saudi Sale   Virtual Reality to Revolutionize Porn

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Frustrated by the biased reporting of political leaning publishers from both parties represented at the likes of CNN, Fox and DrudgeReport, we determined to do selective, edited news aggregation in a better unbiased manner for Americans and the citizens of the globe to enjoy.

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