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 Baked Fresh Daily 





 VIDEO: Democrat Calls Female Opponent a "Whore"

 LIVE: Seattle School Shooting   


Woman Accused of Raping Man         


Rand Paul's Foreign Policy Speech

NYC Cops Hacked by Hatchet Wielding Muslim Convert

Hillary Visits Warren Country      



Man Choked Woman for Not Looking Like Her Online Profile
Michelle O Mixes Up Candidates

TLC Cancels Honey Boo Boo - Mom dating child molester

Man Smashed 10 Commandments Monument w/ Car

Jerry Brown Losing White Vote   

Heroic Secret Service Dogs Hurricane & Jordan  

Palestinian Boy Shot Dead in West Bank  

Photos of Colossal Spider

The Palin Family Brawl Revisited

Woman Fatally Stabbed Over Parking Spot   

The Sun is Like a Loaded Gun w/ Barrel Pointed Directly at Earth Now

Tea Party Lost Court Battle Against IRS

Priest Posed as Girl, Posted Porn on Instagram    Queen Elizabeth Sends Her First Tweet Drinking in Golden Years is Helpful
Alaskan Senator Says Gov't Assistance Causes Suicides
Manning Keeps Going, Beats Chargers   UK's Cameron Tells EU He Won't Pay Surprise Bill   Toddler Crashes Car
S. Carolina House Speaker Pleads Guilty in Ethics Case

Man Cuts Lawyer w/ Razor Before Life Sentencing     

Ukraine - Before the Election    

Why did NYC Practice for a Dirty Bomb Attack? 

850 NYC Voters Found of Age 164

SNL Interns Settle with NBC  

Mexico's Missing Students   

Virtual Reality to Revolutionize Porn
Report Shows Rabbit Massages Among Gov't Waste

Ferguson Bracing for Jury Decision  

Bangladesh War Criminal Dead at 91      

 VIDEO: Bear Cub Browses Around Pharmacy

Cuomo's Book is a Dud

CNN Anchor Apologizes for Palin Family Comment   

VIDEO: Boko Haram Kidnaps Scores More Girls Snapchat Sinks Sex Teacher
Lewinsky Says was First to be Cyber BulliedVIDEO: Fox News Guest Destroys Na├»ve Young Women  Baby Killed in Jerusalem Attack was American VIDEO: Paralyzed Man Restored w/ Cell Surgery

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Frustrated by the biased reporting of political leaning publishers from both parties represented at the likes of CNN, Fox and DrudgeReport, we determined to do selective, edited news aggregation in a better unbiased manner for Americans and the citizens of the globe to enjoy.

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