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 White House Intruder an Iraqi War Vet w/ Plenty of Firepower   

Afghan Army Officers in Training Disappeared from US Base

- Where we are most likely to find them:

  1. McDonald's
  2. WalMart
  3. Disneyworld
  4. Bieber Concert
  5. Preseason Basketball Game
  6. Awkwardly Hitting on Blonde Hotties
  7. In a Cave (Homesick)
  8. About to Attack 

Pre-School Owner Teaches Kid Not to Bite by Biting Her  

Dreamer Obama Finally Faces Real World Issues at UN 

Thousands March in NYC Climate Thingy... ruining my weekend (thanks)

Little League Batting Practice Turns Deadly for Coach       
Bill & Hillary on Grandbaby Watch     


EBOLA IS REAL is like 50 songs now

Rand Paul - How a Libertarian Hero Makes Foreign Policy Passivity Disappear     

What Racial Slur did Kaepernick Use? Isn't he allowed to or is that just a great tan?    

CIA Clarified so we know who to support: Yemeni Shiite Rebels Rout Islamist Allied General     

Black Mass Surprisingly Not a Big Hit in Bible Belt   

Lerner Breaks Silence    

Programmed Zombies (aka most people) Stir Greatest iPhone Sales in History I was the only guy at the bar looking at girls during commercials on Sunday (Thanks Apple!)

Australian PM: You're Going to Jail Jihadis!

Teens Learning English Told to Practice w/ Suicide Notes      
Republicans Moving Toward Center?      Thug Who Probably Killed the Virginia Student had a Record  
It's UN General Assembly Week!  That means dark SUVs will be passing me on 1st Ave w/ scary dudes holding machine guns looking at me intently...

Everyone will have a Digital Conscience in 6 Years?      

Tax Refunds w/ be Cut for Obamacare Recipients
Pot Biz Owner/Weather Girl Quits on Air by Saying, "F$ck it, I Quit!" Nobody was surprised  Ukraine Softens, Backs Away Big Guns        Are Viruses Good for Us?
White House Unveils New Solar & Energy Efficiency Initiative
Nude Photos Leaked of Kardashian, Rihanna, others Let's recall that her claim to fame was a sex tape, so stop faking anger Kimmie Afghanistan's New Leader drinks Dos Equis?  New Radar Gun will Catch Texting
Michael "I'll Throw You Off the F#$king Balcony" Grimm Leading in Poll

Bear Kills Hiker in Jersey! I blame climate change, MTV & LGBT Movement but not Bruce or Bon Jovi!

Pakistan's New Spy Boss He's always been shady. Remember that time at Jay's party when he lied about bringing beer & scammed on my girl?     Town Bans Bad Body Odor
VIDEO: Walker Fights to Keep Wisconsin JobDon't Let Huge Medical Bills Make You Sick - They're just testing you to see if you're stupid enough to pay...   

Israel to Hamas, Drop Your Guns & We Can Talk An NYPD cop said the same thing to Elmo in Times Square just before he tackled him   

Facebook's Battle w/ Drag Queens
Michelle O Says it's Hard to be President's Wife

Delaware Bus Crash Kills 2 - Hope it wasn't Love Seed Mama Jump  

Pope Francis, dude, don't fire up the bad guys man Patient Says Nurse Raped Him
Biden Used Jewish Slur

Rockefellers Switching to Alternative Energy Never make fun of mega-wealthy new world order families  

Wallace Would be Ashamed of Ye Scotland!!!   Elmo Busted in Times Square
Strategy: Some Dems are Targeting ObamaCops Authorized to Kill You in New Jersey this Week I thought everyone knew Buddhist monks smoked meth already...  Artificial Sweeteners Cause Diabetes

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Frustrated by the biased reporting of political leaning publishers from both parties represented at the likes of CNN, Fox and DrudgeReport, we determined to do selective, edited news aggregation in a better unbiased manner for Americans and the citizens of the globe to enjoy.

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