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 Baked Fresh Daily 





 Upside Down Flags Printed on DC Voter Guide     

Trick or Drugged Treat? - Cops Warn of Pot Tainted Candy   


VIDEO: Drive-Thru Open Coffin Viewings are a Thing in the US Now      


VIDEO: Paul Makes Big Vow on Black Vote 

Biden's Son Booted from Navy on Drug Abuse

Hong Kong Protesters Attack Again

Google Gives More than Goldman Now  



VIDEO: New Marijuana App in California
2004 All Over Again for GOP?

Actress Found Dead in Ravine   

NASA Chief Speculates About Life on Mars  

Ebola is a Midterm Issue Not Helping Dems

Man Faces Life in 'Loud Music Killing' 

Pistorius Sentencing

Pentagon's Secret Spacecraft Coming Home   

VIDEO: Florida Gubernatorial Debate Takes Strange TurnTRAGIC: Father Left Baby in Intel Parking Lot While He Worked   

After Pluto Pass, NASA Aims Spacecraft for Asteroid Belt   

Hispanics Souring on Democrats?

White House Fence Jumper Facing New Charges Fresh Clashes in Yemen VIDEO: Shark Feeding Frenzy on US Beach
Pennsylvania Rep. Traded Fire w/ Would Be Robber
Young Men Charged in Recorded Rape of BoyPakistan Upholds Blasphemy Death Sentence       19-Yr-Old Masturbated on Stuffed Animal in Florida Wal-Mart
Jeb & George P. Bush Hit the Trail sort of...

Train Collision in Arkansas 

14 Dead, Fell into Shaft at Korean Rock ConcertGov't Plans for Solar System Civilization
Opponents Ask Supreme Court to Overturn Texas Voter ID Law

Tsarnaev Bombers' Friend Says He Was Stoned  

Shark Attack 13 Year Old Girl in Australia      

Ancient Cult Complex Found in Israel
HIDDEN CAM: So What is this Candidate's Real Gay Marriage Position Anyway?

MMA Fighter War Machine Attempts Suicide in Prison    

5 Men Charged in UK Terror Plot  The Latest from Julian Assange
White House is Editing News Stories 

Winter Rains Won't be Enough for California  

Philippine Militants Free German Hostages      Hotel Guest Arrested for 'Aggressive Mopping'
Ron Paul Says Secession Inevitable Ishikawa Nails Walk-Off Homer in 9th to Take Giants to World Series  Palestinian Boy Killed by Troops After Throwing Firebomb   Lab Grown Penises for Sale

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Frustrated by the biased reporting of political leaning publishers from both parties represented at the likes of CNN, Fox and DrudgeReport, we determined to do selective, edited news aggregation in a better unbiased manner for Americans and the citizens of the globe to enjoy.

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