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 Baked Fresh Daily 





  Bush to Obama: Unleash the Military 


VIDEO: Shark Feeding Frenzy in Florida           


Abandoned Newborn Found in Nativity Scene     

Clinton Keeps Her Iowa Lead           


Thanksgiving Forecast  

VIDEO: Smoking Crack on NYC Subway Car  

Christie: Obama at Root of College Crisis    

E. Coli Linked to Costco Chicken Salad       

Killed Day Before He Retired      

Kasich Goes After Trump        

Calm Prevails Post BLM Murders       

Hostage Drama Ends in French Town         

China Cloning Factory Up & Running

Rubio's Budget Deals Blow to Obamacare      

MOVIE REVIEW: The Good Dinosaur   

VIDEO: 2 Words - Selfie Rat 

Trump Requiring Bathroom Escorts for Press        

Ex-Beauty Queen Charged in Cancer Scam       Kashmir New Conflict - 4 Dead    The Lonely Die Young
Trump's Salesman Like Stretches of Truth3 Moldovans Killed by Taliban      Fear GMO? How About Cyborg Plants? 
Cruz Gaining on Trump in Iowa

John Stamos Gets 3 Yrs. Probation for DUI  

Merkel Holds Door Open to Refugees   

Million Americans Don't Have a Toilet

Carson Blames Media Agenda on 9/11 Confusion

Motor Trend's SUV of the Year  

Fascism Retaking Hold of Some in Germany       

She Won a Million Scratch Card Twice 
Trump Warns GOP on Super PAC Attacks

Moms Also Benefit from Breast Feeding  

Another Stabbing in Israel  VIDEO: Zombie Fish Resurrected 
Clinton: Beware GOP Fear Tactics

Bieber Cancels his Thanksgiving Appearance

Ukraine Closes Airspace to Russia  2 Words - Face Transplant 
Obama Shifts ISIS Blame to Bad IntelHomeless Raid Turns up Machine Guns  The Portuguese LeftVIDEO: Hate Bugs? Don't Watch This

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Frustrated by the biased reporting of political leaning publishers from both parties represented at the likes of CNN, Fox and DrudgeReport, we determined to do selective, edited news aggregation in a better unbiased manner for Americans and the citizens of the globe to enjoy.

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